stuart davis december 7 1892 june 24 1964 yellow cafe 1929

STUART DAVIS. (December 7, 1892 June 24, 1964). " Yellow Cafe " 1929


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Yellow Cafe' was purchased from the estate of Sepi Oinola in Helsinki Finland in 2012. Sepi was employed as an advisor to the Finnish Government and travelled throughout the world particularly to and from New York where he bought several paintings from Stuart Davis.
'Yellow Cafe', Signed, Oil on card is attributed to Stuart Davis.
STUART DAVIS. (December 7, 1892 June 24, 1964). Davis was an early American modernist painter.
He was well known for his jazz-influenced, proto-pop art paintings of the 1940s and 1950s, bold, brash, and colorful, as well as his Ashcan School pictures in the early years of the 20th century. With the belief that his work could influence the sociopolitical environment of America, Davis' political message was apparent in all of his pieces from the most abstract to the clearest. Contrary to most modernist artists, Davis was aware of his political objectives and allegiances and did not waver in loyalty via artwork during the course of his career.
By the 1930s, Davis was already a famous American painter, but that did not save him from feeling the negative effects of the Great Depression, which led to his being one of the first artists to apply for the Federal ArtProject. Under the project, Davis created some seemingly Marxist works; however, he was too independent to fully support Marxist ideals and philosophies.
Despite several works that appear to reflect the class struggle, Davis' roots in American optimism is apparent throughout his lifetime.
DIMENSIONS: H: 36cm (14.17in) W: 24cm (9.45in)
PERIOD: 1929
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Height = 36 cm (14")
Width = 24 cm (10")
Depth = 4 cm (2")

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